Friday, August 10, 2012

DIY Ninjago Invitation

DIY Ninjago Invitation

I used Adobe Photoshop Elements to create this invitation. Unfortunately, I do not have screen shots of this one. For future tutorials, I will make sure I save screen shots as I progress.

First, I opened a blank file in Photoshop Elements. I sized it 5" wide x 7" tall.

Then, I turned to Google Images to find the photo of the Ninjago characters and saved it to my computer. I opened it in Photoshop elements. Select it, copy it and paste it into your blank file. Position it and resize it near the bottom but allow for a border if you want to add one.

Select the Gradient tool. This creates that faded look of the background. Use the eyedropper to touch the baby blue background to select your primary color. Then choose white as your secondary color. Select the background layer (deselect the photo layer) and draw a line from the bottom to the top with the Gradient tool. You can repeat this process with shorter or longer lines until the fade is to your liking. Play around with the placement of the start of the line until you can match up the colors.

Next, I returned to Google Images to find a set of Ninjago eyes. Save it to your computer. Open it in Photoshop as a new file. You can copy and paste it directly onto your invitation as is or if you'd like to put your child's eyes in there, follow the next step.

On the Ninjago eyes, use your Quick Selection tool to outline the yellow face and the eyes. Once the entire section is selected, select the Background Eraser tool (the icon is an eraser with a pair of scissors). Use this all over your selection to erase the eyes area and this leaves it transparent so you can slip something (a pair of eyes) behind it. If the edges are too choppy or blunt, you can select the Blur tool and adjust the strength to about 50% and run the cursor around the entire inner edge to soften it a bit. Once you're finished, if you'd like to change the color of the ninja garb, go to the top menu and select Enhance. In the drop down menu, select Adjust Color and click Adjust Hue/Saturation. Play with the Hue slider until you reach the color you want.

Open a good quality photo of your little ninja. Use your Marquis Selection tool and draw a similar sized rectangle around his/her eyes. Copy it and paste it where the Ninjago eyes are. On the lower right side, reverse the order of the layers if necessary. Play with the placement of the two photos until you are satisfied with the result. Go to the layers palette, hold Ctrl and select both layers. Right click and select Merge Layers. Now it is one 'picture'.

Copy that picture, go back to your invitation file where the rest of the ninjas are patiently waiting, and paste your new ninja. resize and reposition until you are happy.

Add your text. Select the text box, add your party information and adjust fonts, etc to your liking.

For a border, again return to Google Images. Here is the border I used. Save it to your computer. Open it as a new file. Adjust the Hue/Saturation again until it is the color you want. You'll also have to use the Background Eraser tool on the inner section of this border so it will be transparent. Then copy and paste it onto your invitation and resize to fit.

For many of these functions, if you are not familiar with these tools, it may take some practice but once you've mastered them, the possibilities are endless!!

Feel free to post comments if you have questions about this.

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